Hello! My name is Katarina, and I am the founder of Barricade Streetwear Boutique. 

I founded Barricade in 2021, as a starting point of boosting myself and my individuality within the fashion space. I studied to be a fashion designer and have always had a love for fashion, but was constantly on the search for a go to "boutique" type store that I could depend on look too for a different and consistent aesthetic that I couldn't find before. 

My passion extends into streetwear. I have a love for creating a collection that can mix and match athleisure and "going out" clothes, and hopefully expand in the future between both feminine and masculine touches within the streetwear space. 

My hope is to provide something I have always been looking for to people like me, and especially to eventually expand Barricade to provide a platform for many streetwear artists to show off, and sell their products through. 

Let me know of any suggestions or comments in the contact me section! 

Best wishes,